Get Rid of Your Vehicle Today

We started off as just a group of friends that had a few ridiculously inappropriate experiences trying to sell our own vehicles through the classifieds. One of us even sat on a vehicle for 6 months before somebody finally answered the classifieds ad. Even then he ended up selling it for far less than he should have. As far as the other bad experiences we had, all we have to say is waiting around in a parking lot for a stranger to show up isn’t our cup of tea. Now after 12 years serving the local area, we’re happy to say that we’ve helped hundreds steer clear of having to go through what we did back in the day.

Our initial design was simple, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for people to sell their vehicle. We got together and listed out some of the top things that we knew, from our own experience, made selling a vehicle a hassle. For us, some of the top things that made the list were having to schedule meeting up with a buyer, dealing with the anonymity of a buyer, and most importantly lugging around a used vehicle. We realized right from the start that these were things we could make a lot easier for our potential customers. And when our customers first started coming to us, we were right. We had hit the nail square on by helping make the process easier.

We learned that not only was it great to offer our customers a trusted source to sell to, it was wonderful to be able to give them the cash they needed right on the spot. Nobody likes to wait for money, no matter how deep the pockets go. Our motto was simple, cash for cars. There was no need to complicate matters with multiple inspections, infinite paper trails, and endless relays of phone calls. And after over a decade in the business, we are still doing things the same simple way. We come right out to you if need be, give you an estimate, and seal the deal right then and there if you would like. We don’t waste our time, or yours.

Sticking to tradition is something we value at our core. In terms of our business, we kind of figure that if something isn’t broken then why bother fixing it? Our customers our happy, we our happy, and at the end of the day everybody gets what they want. We get the pleasure of helping our area residents, and our customers get the money they deserve from the fair estimates that our friendly staff works hard to provide. We always give the highest estimate that we can provide so that we can keep you from having to deal with some of the same troubles that we went through back before we formed our company. Now we are happy to tell you that there is no reason to ever turn to the classifieds again to sell a used vehicle. We’re here now.